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As an FFL dealer, you may have already looked into storing your 4473’s electronically. We know it’s a lot of information to digest, so we’re here to simplify the guidelines so you can choose the right 4473 cloud storage supplier. Finding the right digital storage provider can make your business more efficient by streamlining your recall process and the labor involved in keeping all tangible paperwork organized.

Since we’ve already covered the benefits of cloud storage in another article, we feel it necessary to dive deeper into 4473 digital storage essentials, and the specific questions we suggest asking when choosing your digital storage provider.

These questions include:

Does the cloud software company specialize in the firearms industry?

Finding a cloud storage company that is rooted in the firearms industry is essential. Your business will be relying on this digital storage company to stay up to date with ATF rules and guidelines, so being well acquainted with the ATF is truly what will lay the best foundation for your business and its digital storage.

How does the company’s cloud storage software meet the minimum guidelines set forth by ATF?

ATF compliance is of the utmost importance, so ensuring your digital storage processes are in line with ATF’s guidelines is non-negotiable. Make sure that the software you entrust with storing your digital 4473’s is not only in compliance with ATF’s guidelines, but also up to date with those guidelines if and when they change. Asking the digital 4473 storage company about their system’s compliance and their ability to evolve as changes are made is one of the most important questions you can ask when making the digital storage switch.

Does the software have additional features designed to help your business maintain compliance ATF regulations?

We’re sure you’ve seen this before, but there are a lot of companies who give you the basic pricing tier, and then now that you’ve made the switch, they add on additional costs in order for you to get the essentials. Ask about their products and upgrades (if they have any) to make sure that you don’t get stuck without the fundamental features needed to help you meet and exceed ATF expectations on compliance.

Does the company have different tiers based on business size and needs?

One size might fit most, but it doesn’t fit all. The right 4473 cloud storage service should provide you with a scalable option to fit your needs best ethereum mixer / cryptocurrency tumbler. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large FFL, make sure you ask about their options, and how easy it is to scale to your needs as your business grows.

Are there any additional requirements in order to use the digital storage company’s software?

When looking for a digital storage solution for your 4473’s, some companies may require additional software or products in order for the software you’re using to work. At the outset, be sure to ask if there are any additional requirements; it may save you the headache of having to learn of these unexpected necessities as you go. A follow up question to ask would be whether you need a specific internet speed for ATF to complete compliance inspections.

Does the storage system bind you to a specific e4473 software?

If you can find an approved digital storage system for your 4473s, most likely that 4473 cloud storage systems is non-agnostic, meaning all software needs to come from the same source. Simply put, you should ask what will happen if you decide to change your e4473 software.  Will you have to print all of your 4473s that you have stored?

Finding a 4473 cloud storage system that can store 4473s digitally regardless of the e4473 system used to complete the form itself, is a great benefit to your business.  And, only one exists in the industry that has variance approval from ATF – 4473 Cloud.

Will the software company help you with securing the required ATF approved variance prior to your use of their digital storage system?

Until ATF issues a formal ruling allowing FFLs to store 4473s digitally (like ATF Ruling 2016-1 and 2016-2 for eBound Book and e4473s) you will be required to obtain an approved variance from ATF prior to storing your 4473s electronically. How will the company help you secure that variance? If they can, you should follow up and ask who their compliance experts are and how often they interact with ATF on such occasions.

All in all, your looking into digital storage as an FFL dealer is most likely rooted in saving space, and developing a more organized process for your ATF form 4473s. There is only one industry specific, system agnostic cloud storage company ethereum mixer / cryptocurrency tumbler with an approved variance from ATF, 4473 Cloud. So, be sure that your provider is the right fit for you, your business and most importantly your compliance. 

4473 Cloud is ready to be of service to you and your business. Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions, contact us for additional information, or sign up today for a trial.

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Travis Glover Jun. 1st, 2021

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