No More Paper,
No More Boxes,
No More Dust!

Making the switch to digital is as easy as a click of a button.  No complicated installation or operational changes to your business.  After 60-days, you just STOP printing.  Simple as that!

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Save big by digitally storing your documents

  • Retain 4473s FOREVER!
  • Free up valuable retail space.
  • Stored documents are infinitely more secure than paper and always at your fingertips.

Find out how much you can save with 4473 Cloud

How many firearms do you sell per year?


You can save $1,190 yearly by using 4473 Cloud to digitally store your FFL forms or form 4473’s.

Based on the average price to print (paper and ink) one form.

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Why make the switch?

Using 4473 Cloud to retain your regulated documents eliminates the headache, and complexity inherent to maintaining paper documents.

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4473 Cloud is secured by the most flexible and secure cloud computing system available today.


Access your documents from anywhere with 4473 cloud’s intuitive digital interface and view your 4473s from any device.


Simple to upload, simple to search and find any 4473 and makes self-audits quick and painless.


Automatically retains documents to meet the Federal Regulations and exceeds ATF’s minimum requirements, with attorney backed compliance guaranteed.

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4473 cloud variance approval

ATF requires that you notify them of your intended use of 4473 Cloud.  This 60-day notification must be made by you, the FFL, to your local ATF field office.  You can click this link to find the Field Division for your FFL’s location: .

During this required 60-day period you can store your forms in 4473 Cloud, but you must also print a hard copy to remain compliant.  Once the mandatory 60 days has expired, from the time you notified local field division, you NEVER print another 4473 ever again.

Remember to keep your sent email to the ATF Field Division for your records, as proof of your notification and start date for your 60-days.

Find other answers on our FAQ page.

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