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As an FFL Dealer, you most likely already know how much space storing paperwork can take up. You may have even started looking for an alternative storing method. While papers begin to stack up in your office, you’ve got a better alternative with 4473 Cloud.

But what does it take to digitize your 4473’s? We’ve created this checklist for you to ensure your business is eligible for digital storage. We should note that by using 4473 Cloud, you’re checking off most of these boxes.

Already know you’re eligible and you’re ready to start your no-risk, free 30-day trial? Let’s get started.  Otherwise, read below so we can get you squared away with your 4473 eStorage solution.

FFL Dealer 4473 Cloud Storage Checklist

  1. ATF Variance Approval. First and foremost, you need an approved variance from the ATF in order to save your 4473’s digitally. By using 4473 Coud, we will help you get your variance request submitted. A variance request for the ATF is a request to use an alternate method or procedure from what is required in the regulations. Because the standard of Form 4473 storage is tangibly, the ATF requires a variance in order for the paperwork to be stored in a digital format.
  2. Cloud-based Server (or local server).  In order to use a server to store 4473’s digitally instead of using filing cabinets, your server has to have multiple backups. This feature is already built into 4473 Cloud’s system.
  3. Server backed up physically in the U.S. Your server being in the U.S. is not only patriotic, it’s also an ATF requirement  in order to get your variance approved. With 4473 Cloud, your servers are always located here in the U.S.
  4. Ability to share credentials with ATF. The ATF needs access to your system when conducting compliance inspections in your store. Providing the ATF access to your ATF Form 4473s using a specific ATF secure log-in is a must.
  5. Wifi. Depending on your volume, inspections could last a while. It’s important to have enough bandwidth to accommodate the ATF during their inspections. But also, you can’t connect to the Cloud without wifi! So a good connection throughout your facility  is needed in order to store your ATF Form 4473’s digitally.
  6. Access to a printer. During inspections, the ATF might ask you to print specific ATF Form 4473’s. While most of the inspection will be conducted using 4473 Cloud, it’s always a good idea to have a printer on hand. Since you’re converting to 4473 Cloud, just keep the printer** you’ve already got; you’ll just be using it A LOT less.  **Don’t be the one who doesn’t have enough paper or printer ink on hand when ATF requests to print an ATF Form 4473!
  7. Easily accessible 4473 recall. When the ATF reaches out to you with a Trace request, you have 24 hours to complete the request. Whatever system you’re using needs to be able to recall ATF Form 4473s pertaining to those serial numbers being traced in a timely manner. Using 4473 Cloud storage will check this box for you.
  8. Storage of your current 4473’s. 4473 eStorage is only applicable to ATF Form 4473’s completed once the ATF’s variance is approved. All paper ATF Form 4473’s completed prior to using 4473 Cloud will still be retained in their current (physical) state for now.

If you’ve checked off all of these items, you’re ready for 4473 Cloud – so what are you waiting for? To get started today, click here.

If you have most of these items checked off, but still have questions about what to do, feel free to contact us.

Our services include helping you apply for your ATF variance, so why wait?

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Travis Glover May. 4th, 2021

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