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As required by the Federal Regulations and regulated by the ATF, FFL dealers must store ATF Form 4473’s for the lifetime of the FFL after the date of sale or disposition of a firearm(s). But gone are the days of antiquated physical paper storage, file cabinets, file folders and endless boxes of stored ATF Form 4473s taking up valuable warehouse space; modern digital storage is the future of FFL document retention and the future is now. Introducing 4473 Cloud, a Powered by Silencer Shop service dedicated to streamlining your ATF Form 4473 storage.

4473 Cloud is the most versatile cloud storage offered to the firearms industry, as it can be used by all FFLs regardless of the e4473 software the FFL uses. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the facts below for yourself. 4473 Cloud modernizes your business, one ATF Form 4473 at a time, and here’s how:


4473 Cloud is a platform-agnostic digital storage service. No matter what software you use to complete your ATF Form 4473’s, 4473 Cloud is compatible and can securely store your paperwork digitally.

Complete Control

With 4473 Cloud you are in complete control of who on your staff has access to what.  Each users’ access level is controlled by you or your company administrator. ATF inspections and audits can be completed in a much shorter time frame due to 4473 Cloud’s ability to access all required documents in one easy-to-use system. Additionally, You, as an FFL dealer, are also provided the tools to self-audit your paperwork in the same way the ATF inspects paperwork.  What does this all mean?

Simply stated, user-level controls increase document security, shorter ATF inspections, and the ability to check your store’s ATF audit readiness all combine to help you rest easy knowing you are prepared for your next ATF inspection.

Centrally Located File Storage

Paper ATF Form 4473s can be lost, damaged (who’s coffee cup was that anyway and why was it sitting next to yesterday’s paperwork?) or even stolen off the gun counter.  Losing an ATF Form 4473 can have a catastrophic effect on an FFL’s business. Searching for aged paper ATF Form 4473s to complete Trace Requests or at the request of ATF takes significant time and effort of you or your store team.  Time that would be much better spent with your customers!

Once an ATF Form 4473 is digitally uploaded into your secure 4473 Cloud storage vault, it will never be lost or damaged and will remain in perfect condition for the life of the document.  Additionally, 4473 Cloud makes ATF Trace Requests simple, allowing FFLs to locate, review, and email trace requests in a matter of mere moments.

Secure, Encrypted and Tamper Proof

4473 Cloud is secured by the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Security and encryption of your data is of the utmost importance to us at 4473 Cloud. We have worked tirelessly to ensure your information is stored in the most secure manner possible and accessible only by you and your FFL.

4473 Cloud also uses a Tamper-Evident digital file format. What does that mean to you?  It means that your data is so secure that every action taken with a document in the 4473 Cloud storage system shows in a full document history and is also tamper-proof. While Tamper-Evident cloud storage was originally implemented by the banking and financial industry to prove the validity of their records during regulatory compliance audits, the firearm industry can now take advantage of the same security level benefits.

Scalable and Flexible

Where you’re currently storing your ATF Form 4473’s isn’t as scalable like 4473 Cloud. Backrooms, storage closets and warehouses all have limited space and can be a challenge to arrange and access.  With 4473 Cloud, you have a flexible and scalable option for storing your ATF Form 4473’s. As your business grows, so does your digital real estate within 4473 Cloud.

Whether you have one store with low to moderate volume, a few stores in a local area or are a corporate chain with dozens or hundreds of locations nationwide, 4473 Cloud is designed to meet your digital storage needs.

Additionally, if you decide to change your e4473 software system, no worries.  Because 4473 Cloud is system agnostic, you won’t skip a beat. As soon as you make the switch to your new system you can begin storing in your 4473 Cloud storage vault the moment the first “new” ATF Form 4473 is completed.

Integrated and Upgraded

Not every ATF Form 4473 is the same for every transaction, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Some ATF Form 4473s need additional information. Report of Multiple Sales Forms, or supplemental identification might need to be provided and kept with a particular ATF Form 4473.

With 4473 Cloud, you can add supplemental documents to specific customers’ paperwork with ease.  One click and upload of the document and it is permanently attached to the digital file.  No chance the staple will lose its grip and the supplemental document lost forever with 4473 Cloud.

Next Steps to 4473 Cloud Storage

Our 4473 Cloud storage system is ready to get you on board and freeing up valuable backstock real estate. With your 60-day free trial, we will assist you in obtaining your ATF variance that is required for digital storage of your ATF Form 4473s. While you wait for the ATF to approve your variance, you’ll have free reign to get your feet wet and get acquainted with all 4473 Cloud has to offer, while still printing those hardcopies to stay compliant. Once your ATF variance is approved, you can make the switch and ditch the paper and go 100% digital.

** An APPROVED ATF Variance is required prior to storing ATF Form 4473s digitally. But, don’t fret, we will help you in lockstep throughout the process.

See for yourself what 4473 Cloud can do for you and your business today.

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Travis Glover Apr. 6th, 2021

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