Post SHOT Show 2024 Review

Shot Show 2024 is in the books! For those of you who attended, we trust you share our opinion that this was the best SHOT since Read more.

Travis Glover Feb. 1st, 2024


Old habits die hard! We know all too well how true this is. How many times have you heard the statement, “This is how Read more.

Travis Glover Nov. 9th, 2023

Why FFLs Should Ditch Paper 

Nothing causes issues for FFLs like paper! Sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? It is just paper; how can it be that Read more.

Travis Glover Oct. 19th, 2023

ATF Traces: What You Need To Know!

ATF considers tracing firearms to be one of the most important functions of the Bureau. Every national seminar, local training, Read more.

Travis Glover Jul. 20th, 2023

Answering FFL’s Top 5 Questions Before Going Fully Digital

We speak to FFLs of all sizes from coast to coast daily. There are a few common questions that seem to repeat themselves. They Read more.

Travis Glover Jul. 14th, 2023

4473 Digital Storage System Functionality

ATF ruling 2022-1 allows FFLs to store their 4473s digitally. No more paper, no more boxes, and no more dust! Seems simple, Read more.

Travis Glover May. 24th, 2023

4473 Attachments – Do’s and Don’ts

What’s the most important document to an FFL’s compliance? It could be argued that it is the Bound Book, but for the sake of Read more.

Travis Glover Apr. 13th, 2023

Part 3: ATF Rulings You MUST Know!

We made it! The final chapter in this three-part extensive review of 6 key ATF rulings you must be familiar with to operate your Read more.

Travis Glover Apr. 5th, 2023

Part 2: ATF Rulings You MUST Know!

We reviewed “knowing and identifying your customers” (ATF Ruling 2001-5) and how to properly establish and maintain a Read more.

Travis Glover Mar. 23rd, 2023

Part 1: ATF Rulings You MUST Know!

ATF rulings have significant implications on your business.  These ruling have the weight of the regulations behind them Read more.

Travis Glover Mar. 15th, 2023