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Unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock (and, let’s be honest, those kind of sound like clever ideas these days), you are aware of the significant increase in ATF revoking FFLs across the country.

This all started under the direction of the administration currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and their open contempt for the firearms industry.

Before even becoming President, President Biden made it clear how his administration would treat OUR constitutionally protected firearm industry. He stated:

“Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA, the gun manufacturers...Most people don’t realize: The only industry in America, billion-dollar industry, which can’t be sued, exempt from being sued, are gun manufacturers.”

And, then went on to compare our industry to the tobacco industry.

We, the industry, know how false these claims are. Thankfully, the American government’s system of checks and balances protects us from errant laws and regulations being passed with the stroke of a pen at the volition of an antagonistic administration.

The president knows these rules all too well. So do those in D.C. who align with the current administration.

So, what did they do? They decided to weaponize those who regulate the firearm industry. They did so by implementing the “zero tolerance policy” and attempting to redefine willfulness under the federal statutes.

FFL Dealer Inspections and Revocations

These actions have FFLs from coast to coast facing an unprecedented level of ATF inspections and revocation proceedings. The impact is apparent from the numbers in Fiscal Year (FY) 2023:

  • Total inspections full FY 2022: 7,502
    • Total Inspections current FY YTD: 6,609 (as of July 6, 2023)
    • FY 2023 pace: 8,902
  • Revocations FY 2022: 92
    • Revocations FY YTD 2023: 122

Looking back at FY 2020, which ended September 30th, 2020, with President Biden’s election still over a month away, shows a stark contrast to what FFLs are facing today!

  • ATF in FY 2020:
    • Total Inspections Conducted: 5,823
    • Revocations FY 2020: 40

The number of inspections and revocations has increased at an astronomical rate, over 500%.

The National NSSF released an article detailing these inspection results a couple of weeks ago, outlining how ATF is weaponizing what FFLs once considered routine.

How to Protect Your FFL

One of the simplest, most effective ways to protect you, your livelihood, and those of your employees, is to use technology to help prevent common clerical errors from costing you your FFL.

Using handwritten Bound Books or old-school paper 4473s as your official records to meet the requirements of the Gun Control Act of 1968 both increase your risk of error exponentially.

And under this “one strike” “zero tolerance” administration, one small error could cost you your business.

The numbers above should cause you to pause and be concerned about what will happen when ATF walks through your front door. Let technology help you to sleep at night.

Utilizing an eBound Book and e4473 will keep you and your team on the road to correctly completing the required paperwork, pursuant to Rulings 2016-1 and 2016-2.

These software solutions can eliminate nearly 97% of the human errors in your records. Every day you use paper is like playing Russian Roulette with your FFL.

Take the first step today: review what solutions are available to you in our industry. We’ve started the leg work for you. Check out the best electronic Bound Book and e4473 software in the industry.

Then get a demo from those that fit your business model and PULL THE TRIGGER (pun fully intended here), and start protecting your business immediately.

The next step is even simpler — sign up for 4473 Cloud and upgrade your business. WE will help get your notification to ATF of your intent to store your 4473s digitally.

Select the eBound Book and e4473 software that best suits your needs, never print another 4473 again, and retain all your 4473s digitally, starting today!

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Travis Glover Oct. 13th, 2023

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