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4473 Cloud Announces Integration with FastBound™ Software Platform

Austin, TX — After opening an initial partnership in July, 4473 Cloud today announced that it is now integrated with premium partner FastBound™,  offering a seamless digital storage solution to thousands of FastBound users across the country.

“We’re excited to be partnering with FastBound to provide the most efficient 4473 storage solutions,” said Travis Glover, Vice President of Business Development and Sales. “Together, FastBound and 4473 Cloud bring FFLs the benefit of a fully digital compliance solution that is both ATF-approved and FFLGuard ASP certified.”

“Since 2010, FastBound has managed more than one billion firearms transactions with its leading Electronic A&D and Electronic 4473 for thousands of FFLs, with guaranteed ATF compliance and attorney-backed legal defense,” said Jamison Collins, VP of Sales at FastBound. “With the integration to 4473 Cloud, our clients will now have a truly digital experience that is backed by the same 100% compliance guarantee. This will save FastBound customers real money on printing costs and on-site storage.”

4473 Cloud is the firearms industry-leading, ATF-approved digital storage solution. Its mission is to make digitally-stored 4473s, with an approved variance, available to all FFLs — from independent shops to nationwide chains — bringing 21st-century solutions to Form 4473 storage.

For customers, 4473 Cloud’s services offer freedom from the costly storage of paper FFLs. A dealer completing 5,000 Form 4473s per year can cut their current costs to print 4473s by over 50%. A dealer would save not only in printing costs but storage solutions and protection of their paperwork which, as required by law, must be kept for up to 20 years. FFLs will also benefit from the freed-up operational space 4473 Cloud provides.

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About 4473 Cloud

4473 Cloud is a platform-agnostic digital storage solution for 4473s available to all FFLs. It provides the most innovative, secure, and user-friendly digital storage solutions nationwide. 

About FastBound

FastBound is a leading FFL software for Acquisition and Disposition and 4473. It has processed thousands of FFLs with guaranteed ATF compliance and an attorney-backed legal defense.

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Travis Glover Oct. 14th, 2021

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